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Welcome to the Texas Merchants Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to providing businesses a complete union of valuable assistance, allowing us the opportunities to give back from the proceeds we generate, all while helping our member’s bottom line to grow in the process.

Our focus is on helping businesses of all types and sizes to increase sales, improve cash flow, eliminate waste, reduce spending, and develop new revenue streams. Our main objective is to provide each and every business with 5 to 10 times the rate of return than the amount they pay us for their annual membership fee. By helping you save money on things you are already spending money on, you can redirect some of those savings into one of our easy-to-pay memberships (without any obligation whatsoever) and take advantage of the many other areas of your business that we may be able to help you improve upon.

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"...our focus is on helping businesses..."

You have the opportunity to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year, GUARANTEED! We’ve been doing it for many other businesses for over 34 years, now let us do it for you.

We have Industry-Specific Professionals that can help to streamline any business, by providing ongoing General Business Consulting, Problem Resolution, Promotional Products, Full Color Printing, Economical Payment Systems, Cash Advances, Payroll-Bookkeeping Assistance, that produce double digit gains.

So, give us a try. Fill out the information form provided upon membership registration and tell us what your three most important business problems are, and let’s get working on them together. We provide a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Once again, welcome. We look forward to serving you soon, earning your membership, and your support, for many years to come -

Juan Bach-Martinez
Best regards, Juan Bach-Martinez – President

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